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Electrical Outlets & Switches in Lake Mary

Repairing & Installing Important Electrical Components

Switches and outlets are the fundamental components that allow us to utilize electricity to power our homes. From something as small and simple as a cell phone charger to something as big as a water heater or air conditioner, virtually everything in our home that utilizes electricity depends on an outlet in order to connect to electrical current. The current in these outlets is controlled by switches, which allow us to safely disconnect the power without having to physically remove a plug from a wall. While these devices may be remarkably simple at their core, they do experience problems and do need to be repaired periodically. For repairs, replacements, new installations, and more, make the call to the Lake Mary switch and outlet pros at All Electric Services.

Here at All Electric Services, our outlet and switch technicians constantly work to stay up-to-date with the advances in technology so we can offer you the latest in technology and flexibility. With advancements comes improvements in safety and convenience, and we know that constantly training and improving allows us to keep your electrical system updated and safe. The outlets and switches in your home are essential for your electrical system to function properly, and one of our expert technicians can show up and help if something goes wrong. We are also available for emergencies and issues that can’t wait, such as burning smells, flickering lights, or switches and outlets that feel hot to the touch

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Switch & Outlet Repairs & Installations

As you use your plugs and switches, the mechanical components in them will slowly wear out, and they won’t work as they should once they do. Whether it’s a faulty connection that causes your lights to flicker, a worn-out outlet that won’t hold a plug in place, or an electrical fault that generates heat or even causes wasted energy, the team at All Electric Services will help you. We offer comprehensive repairs and replacements for damaged outlets and switches that keep them working properly.

We can assist with any outlet and switch needs, including:

  • Installing new outlets/switches, including GFCI outlets
  • Installing childproof outlets
  • Repairing outlets
  • Updating outdated electrical outlets
  • Moving outlets/switches

Sometimes your electrical system simply isn’t convenient for where you need it. Sometimes you want to add a switch that controls an outlet so you can turn something on and off with ease. Whatever you need, the team at All Electric Services can get it done. Our professional outlet and switch installation services place new components and features wherever you need them. Whether it’s running a new switch to an outlet on your wall or even installing a floor-mounted outlet when remodeling your home, we make quick work of them all.

Childproof & GFCI Outlets

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are required in certain areas of your home which have a higher risk of electrical shock. You might have seen these outlets in bathrooms, where they are most common. We install both GFCI outlets, as well as childproof outlets that are specially designed to prevent children from inserting objects into them.

Here to Help Solve Your Electrical Issues

Our electricians at All Electric Services are dedicated to helping you improve your home's electrical system in every way we can. This includes the safety and performance of your outlets and switches. If you have outdated two-prong (non-grounded) outlets or switches that no longer work in your home, a replacement or update might be necessary.

There are many different steps involved in upgrading or installing new electrical components, which is why hiring a professional is essential. Our team is licensed and insured to handle all types of outlet and switch services in Lake Mary, Deltona, Longwood, and beyond, for residential customers.

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