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Electrical Outlets & Switches in Lake Mary

Repairing & Installing Important Electrical Components

Our professional Lake Mary outlet and switch technicians constantly work to stay up-to-date with the advances in technology. This allows us to offer you the latest equipment and techniques, keeping your electrical system updated and safe. The outlets and switches in your home are essential for your electrical system to function properly. If something goes wrong, one of our expert technicians at All Electric Services can show up and help. Our electricians are also available for emergencies, such as the case wherein one of your outlets has begun sparking or emitting a burnt smell.

We can assist with any outlet and switch needs, including:

  • Installing new outlets/switches, including GFCI outlets
  • Installing childproof outlets
  • Repairing outlets
  • Updating outdated electrical outlets
  • Moving outlets/switches

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Childproof & GFCI Outlets

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are required in certain areas of your home which have a higher risk of electrical shock. You might have seen these outlets in bathrooms, where they are most common. We install both GFCI outlets, as well as childproof outlets that are specially designed to prevent children from inserting objects into them.

Here to Help Solve Your Electrical Issues

Our electricians at All Electric Services are dedicated to helping you improve your home's electrical system in every way we can. This includes the safety and performance of your outlets and switches. If you have outdated two-prong (non-grounded) outlets or switches which no longer work in your home, a replacement or update might be necessary.

There are many different steps involved in upgrading or installing new electrical components, which is why hiring a professional is essential. Our team is licensed and insured to handle all types of outlet and switch services in Lake Mary for residential customers.

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