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Most people don’t know a whole lot about electricity, including exactly what it is, how it works, or how to harness and utilize it. All they really know is that it’s what powers their devices and tools and that it can be extremely dangerous if mishandled. Both of these assumptions are correct, particularly that electricity can be dangerous if it isn’t properly used. As our electrical systems age and as technology wears out, we have slowly started to learn how our electrical systems could be considered deficient, and how age can cause important components you depend on to falter. If you’re worried that your electrical system may not be as safe as it should be, or if you have encountered a problem that you believe may present a serious hazard to your home or your health, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call the team at All Electric Services for a Lake Mary electrical safety inspection.

If you are worried about the safety of your electrical system, give All Electric Services a call at (407) 890-7782 today and schedule a safety inspection service.

A Careful Examination of Your Electrical System

Is something wrong with your electrical system? If you don’t know what to look for, how could you ever hope to figure it out? At All Electric Services, we make finding problems and potential issues with your electrical system a breeze. We use sophisticated testing equipment and the latest techniques to thoroughly inspect your electrical system by putting it through its paces. We have been able to find small and large issues alike, helping property owners fix things and stay ahead of any potential future problems. We also offer inspections for home buyers or anyone looking to purchase a property. Knowing what condition the electrical system is in ahead of time can help you make a better purchasing decision and even save you from buying a property with serious problems.

We check all aspects of your electrical system, including:

Electrical Code Corrections

Electrical code violations are one of the most common things we find during an electrical inspection. Code violations may sound serious, but they aren’t always as big of an issue as they might seem. Does a code violation mean your house was built improperly or that your electrical system was never safe to begin with? Not at all. See, as we learn more and more about electrical technology and how various components function over time, we begin to notice what technology is good and reliable and what starts to show signs of an issue. When we learn something isn’t as safe as it should be, or that a product or method can eventually experience an issue, then we take steps to adjust and fix it so that we don’t continue to make the same mistake in the future as well. We do this by updating electrical codes, and new codes are published every two years. By the time a decade or two has passed, it’s not at all uncommon for a home or business to have several code violations that need to be addressed.

At All Electric Services, we offer code violation removal and remediation services that fix these problems so your property remains safe. From the smallest and most routine of fixes to major overhauls for significant issues that were not addressed when they should have been, All Electric Services can take care of them so your property continues to be safe, dependable, and free from faults that might otherwise compromise your safety.

Make sure you know what’s going on with your electrical system! Contact All Electric Services and schedule your inspection appointment in Lake Mary, Sanford, Winter Park, and beyond.

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