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Although it is mostly out of sight, your home's wiring system is essential to many of your daily operations. From using kitchen appliances such as your toaster or coffee pot to charging your electronic devices, your wiring is a key component to getting you through the day. If you are having any types of issues with your wiring, you should not ignore the signs of a problem. Any electrical wiring issues should be handled by a professional electrician in Lake Mary in a timely manner. At All Electric Services, our Lake Mary wiring experts have the experience and knowledge needed to replace or fix wiring issues with the highest level of quality and safety.

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Upgrade to Smart Home Electrical Wiring

Upgrade your home's electrical wiring to a smart system that offers convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced safety. Our Lake Mary electrical experts can install smart home technology that allows you to control lighting, appliances, and security systems from your smartphone or voice-activated devices. With smart wiring, you can optimize energy usage, improve home security, and create a more comfortable living environment.

Benefits of smart home electrical wiring include:

  • Remote control of lighting and appliances
  • Energy savings through automated controls
  • Enhanced home security with smart cameras and sensors
  • Integration with voice-activated devices for hands-free operation
  • Increased home value and appeal to potential buyers

Comprehensive Wiring Solutions for Lake Mary Homes

Did you know that new wiring can improve the dependability and functionality of your electrical system? If your home is in need of replacement or new wiring, only a professional electrician can ensure the job is done right. Proper installation of wiring is essential for your appliances to not only work properly but for safe operation. Our wiring technicians are prepared to meet all of your electrical wiring and rewiring needs.

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Commonly Asked Questions

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  • Are there any safety precautions to take with residential electrical wiring?

    Yes, there are several safety precautions to take with residential electrical wiring. These include avoiding overloading circuits, using proper wattage for light bulbs, keeping flammable materials away from electrical panels, and using ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in areas with water, such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is also important to have regular inspections and maintenance of the electrical system by a licensed electrician.

  • What is the process of rewiring a residential property?

    The process of rewiring a residential property typically involves an assessment of the existing wiring, planning the new wiring layout, removing old wiring, and installing new wiring. It may also involve upgrading the electrical panel and ensuring compliance with electrical codes. It is best to consult with a licensed electrician to determine the specific requirements for your property.

  • What are the Signs of a Wiring Problem?

    There are many problems that can be associated with old electrical wiring. In fact, electrical problems are one of the common causes of house fires. Rewiring is one step you can take to prevent these issues from taking place. However, it can be difficult to know what type of electrical occurrences are normal and which are signs that rewiring may be needed.

    A few serious signs or causes of wiring problems include:

    • Aluminum wiring becoming loose
    • Vibrations when turning on appliances
    • Circuit breakers frequently tripping
    • Loose electrical outlets
    • Burning smell from outlets
    • Flickering lights when running an appliance
    • 40+ years old wiring
  • Does Old Wiring Need to be Replaced?
    Potentially. Every situation is different, and the only way to know for sure is to have your wiring inspected by a licensed electrician. You can never be sure what's going on inside your walls - you could have wiring damage caused by pests, frayed or cracked wiring due to heat or corrosion, or wiring that is pinched or pierced by screws or nails. It's always better to be safe than sorry and have a safety inspection.
  • Is Old Wiring Dangerous?

    As electrical systems age, they become more prone to serious problems such as overheating, short circuits, and electrical discharge (electrical arcs), all of which can put your home at an increased risk of an electrical fire. Furthermore, if your home is several decades old, you could be dealing with outdated knob and tube wiring that, while not inherently unsafe, should still be assessed by a professional. If the wire insulation has worn away over time, or if the installation practices of the time have left you with an unsafe situation, you should have your home rewired without delay.

  • How Often Should I Have My Home’s Electrical Wiring Inspected?

    It's recommended to inspect your home's electrical wiring every 10 years to identify potential hazards and prevent electrical problems. However, inspections every 5 years may be necessary for older homes with outdated electrical systems. If you notice any signs of faulty wirings, such as flickering lights or burning smells, contact a licensed electrician for an inspection.

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Upgrade Your Home's Electrical System

If you have an older home or outdated electrical system, it may be time to consider upgrading to a modern and efficient electrical system. At All Electric Services, our professional electricians can assess your current wiring and provide recommendations for upgrading your residential electrical system in Lake Mary, FL.

Benefits of upgrading your electrical system include:

  • Improved safety: Outdated wiring can pose a safety hazard, increasing the risk of electrical fires or shocks. Upgrading your electrical system ensures that it meets current safety standards and reduces the risk of electrical accidents.
  • Increased capacity: Older homes may not have enough electrical capacity to handle the demands of modern technology and appliances. Upgrading your electrical system allows you to safely power all of your devices and appliances without overloading the system.
  • Energy efficiency: Upgrading to energy-efficient electrical components, such as LED lighting and smart thermostats, can help reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bills.
  • Enhanced functionality: Upgrading your electrical system can provide you with additional features and capabilities, such as installing new outlets, adding USB ports, or integrating home automation systems.
  • Increased property value: A modern and updated electrical system can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Whether you need a complete rewiring or just a few upgrades, our team of experienced electricians is here to help.  

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