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Being prepared for a lack of power can be difficult but in Florida, doing so is essential to your comfort in the event of a power outage. At All Electric Services, we can provide you with top-quality generator equipment and services to help you always be ready for the possibility of losing power. Residential power generators are incredibly powerful pieces of technology that can give you the external power source you need during a storm or other event.

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Important Uses for Emergency Generators

Most residents and homeowners living in Lake Mary or the surrounding areas have at one time experienced a serious storm. If not a hurricane, you may have at least been caught in a thunderstorm that knocked your power out.

Technology has come a long way over the years and with great convenience comes the fact that most appliances and devices depend on a flow of energy to run. This is why generators are now considered to be less of a convenience and more of indispensable investment. You can rely on our team to provide you with expert advice and quality equipment which can keep your home functioning in the event of a power outage.

A few examples of important uses for generators include:

  • Home business equipment
  • Water pumps and wells
  • Medical equipment
  • Stairlifts
  • HVAC systems
  • Sewage ejectors
  • Lighting systems

Types of Home Generators to Consider

There are two basic types of home generators, each having its own potential drawbacks and benefits. We can work with you to consider your budget and needs, and figure out which is right for you.

The two types of generators include:

  • Portable generators - These generators can be moved around the home or to different locations and are typically less expensive than stationary generators. However, they have a limited run time and must be started manually.
  • Stationary generators- These are permanently installed in one place and can provide backup energy for long-term power disruptions. Although they are not movable and are more expensive, they operate (turn on) automatically in the event of a power outage and are directly connected to your electrical system.

Achieve Peace of Mind in a Power Outage

Power outages can be scary. At All Electric Services, we take your comfort and peace of mind seriously. When you call our Lake Mary generator electricians, you can count on us to help you repair, install, or replace your generator.

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