Extension Cords Vs. Installing More Outlets

Outlet that is overloaded

There's nothing more convenient for many people than having more electrical outlets in their homes. It can be difficult to rely on extension cords to power your devices, especially when they are just temporary solutions. While extension cords seem like a cheap solution, we break down why you should reconsider.

Extension Cords Are Only A Temporary Solution.

Extension cords may be convenient and easy to use, but it's important to remember that they're designed to be used for only a short period.

The lifespan of an extension cord depends on how often you use it and how much power is flowing through it at any given moment. The thicker the extension cord is, the more current can flow through it safely.

Suppose you have too many devices plugged into an extension cord at once or plug in too many high-wattage appliances like air conditioners or refrigerators. In that case, its life expectancy will diminish quickly because the amount of electricity flowing through will exceed what the wire was designed to handle (a little like overloading a fuse).

Too many devices on one circuit can cause the circuit itself to overload. While it may seem easy to just have an extension cord for your home media system, you might need to reconsider before you fry your new TV.

Extension Cords Can Be A Hazard.

Extension cords can be a tripping hazard, so keeping them in good condition and out of sight is essential. The biggest concern with extension cords is their tendency to cause fires with improper use or poor build quality.

If you notice that one of your extension cords has become frayed or worn down, it’s time to replace it with a new one instead of using it as an electrical extension cable.

Additionally, extension cords should not be used where they can come into contact with water or moisture; this will damage the cord and increase the likelihood that it will fail when needed most!

Fewer Wires With Outlets

Installing more electrical outlets can reduce the number of cords you need to plug in devices. Most homes have limited space for additional electrical outlets, but if you have spare spots, consider installing them in convenient places such as near your kitchen or laundry room.

This will allow you to bring your appliances closer together and free up floor space, so it's easier to walk around your home. It also means that more people can use devices at the same time without having to fight over extension cords!

Likewise, new outlets have USB connections to free up outlet space for your other devices while you charge your phone or laptop.

You Can Install Outlets In More Convenient Locations

If there are no outlets in your home or office, you may opt for installing multiple outlets throughout these areas. This way, everyone will have access to power without worrying about plugging their devices into extension cords or running out of power sources altogether!

More outlets across the home also become easier to maintain as you can install them in high traffic areas. Additionally, outlets can be installed behind heavy furniture so they are out of sight.

If you wanted to charge your phone in the kitchen, but don’t want to run an extension cord around the floor or even near the sink, we got you covered with a new outlet near your counter.


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