7 Benefits of Owning a Backup Generator in Hurricane Country

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Prior to 2016, Florida had an 11-year streak during which no hurricanes made landfall, which ended with Hurricane Hermine in September 2016. However, even without making landfall, hurricanes can cause significant turmoil, as demonstrated by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, which resulted in several deaths, damaged coastal towns, and over 1 million Florida residents without power.

During Hurricane Irma (2017’s category 4 hurricane), the power outages were even worse: utility companies estimate that as many as 16 million people lost power.

When a power outage from a hurricane or thunderstorm affects you, it can be more than inconvenient--it can create an emergency. That’s why many Florida residents have decided to install backup or standby generators for their homes. If you’ve considered this option for your home, here are some benefits of owning a backup generator that you might not have previously considered.

1. You’ll have your backup source of power right away.

No fumbling through the dark looking for a flashlight or trying to get your portable generator started: when the power goes out in your home, the power from your standby generator will kick in immediately.

2. You’ll be able to use your heating and cooling equipment.

One of the worst parts about a power outage during summer is not being able to use your air conditioner on hot, muggy days. Likewise, if a thunderstorm creates a blackout during winter, you’ll still be able to keep your home warm.

3. Electrical medical equipment will stay running.

If you or a family member relies on electricity to power medical equipment at home, a blackout can be a very serious situation. A standby generator will be able to provide your home with a continual flow of power to keep your equipment running seamlessly. The peace of mind that this offers cannot be understated.

4. You’ll be able to use your home office equipment.

If you run a business from home, a power outage can seriously hurt your bottom line if you’re not able to use essential equipment like your computer or landline. You will also lose your ability to work from home if you are a remote employee. A blackout even makes it impossible to charge your cell phone, which is a staple in most people’s daily lives regardless of what they do for a living.

5. Refrigerated and frozen food won’t spoil.

After the power goes out, refrigerators and freezers can only keep food at desired temperatures for so long before they start to thaw or spoil. You can end up losing a lot of groceries from a single blackout if it lasts long enough.

6. You’ll have protection against power surges.

After a blackout, when the power comes back on, it can return in a massive surge that can damage your home’s electrical system and appliances, costing you thousands of dollars in damage. However, having a standby generator with a transfer switch prevents that from happening because of the switch’s ability to sense power surges.

7. Electric water heaters will still provide you hot water.

As if matters couldn’t get worse, if your water heater is powered by electricity, you will not be able to get hot water during a blackout without a source of backup power. A standby generator has the capacity to provide enough energy for your home’s high-powered appliances, including an electric water heater.

In Florida, hurricane season lasts all the way from the beginning of June to the end of November, with a majority historically occurring between August and October. Most homeowners living in Lake Mary or the surrounding areas have at one time experienced a serious storm that knocked the power out, even outside hurricane season. If you are considering equipping your home in or near Lake Mary with a power generator, contact All Electric Services for a free estimate.