Why Do My Outlets Have A Urine-Like Smell?

Photo of a electrical plug in an outlet

Picture this: you come home and suddenly start noticing an odd smell every time you pass by your kitchen. You check the trash to see if it was taken out, but that smell still lingers. Maybe the sink drain? No, that was just cleaned and serviced last week. You clean regularly, but that smell persists; what gives? You'd be shocked to learn that it could be your electrical outlet!

That Weird Smell Coming from Your Outlet? Old Plastic!

So your outlets smell bad, but you might be confused about what is causing the smell. For starters, it's not the actual electrical current if you were thinking that, but in actuality, what you are smelling is the plastic that surrounds the outlet burning, leading to an unpleasant odor that can linger.

Usually, overheated circuits can cause the plastic casing and other chemicals in wires to melt or burn, leading to a sharp smell around the home. The annoying part is pinpointing the scent to your electrical outlets because it may not be your first guess.

Causes of Circuits Overheating

Common causes of electrical outlets overheating can be linked to overloaded circuits, whether due to age or poor wiring not equipped to handle your home's electrical load. Likewise, loose-fitting electrical fixtures and even damaged insulation around wires can quickly lead to outlet degradation.

One cause of outlets overheating can also be debris or other foreign objects getting stuck in your outlets. Typically in well-cleaned homes, this may not be an issue, but sometimes things can get stuck in your outlet, which can cause malfunctions. Do not stick your hands trying to pry anything out from an outlet for your safety. You don't want to get a surprise jolt!

In cases of overheated circuits, the best plan of action is prevention! Before handling any electrical repair, always consult a professional, as burnt plastic is the least of your worries as electrical malfunctions can lead to electrical fires.

What to Do if an Electrical Outlet Smells Bad

Once you identify the potential outlet that is leaving a bad smell, make sure to unplug any devices that may still be connected. Take precautions to not risk any shocks by going to your home's breaker box and turning off power to that outlet. Next, make sure that no other outlets or electrical sources could be dealing with the same issue.

At All Electric Services we know how crucial electrical safety is, and that's why we guarantee to get the bottom of your outlet woes to keep your Central Florida home safe from potential malfunctions. Call our electricians at (407) 890-7782 and our trained and certified team can take a look to make sure your home's electrical system is fixed.