Flickering Lights: Safety Hazard Or Just An Annoyance?

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Flickering lights are common and not that scary of an issue on the surface unless it is midnight and you just finished watching a horror movie. The easiest DIY fix for most homeowners is replacing the light bulb to end the annoying flickering, but sometimes that only temporarily solves the issue. Learn if your flickering light is a minor annoyance or a clue that something is wrong with your home’s electrical system.

Circuit Issues

Depending on your home’s wiring, it may not be uncommon for you to have some lights flicker when you turn on other appliances. We have seen homes where the kitchen light tends to flicker whenever the homeowner uses their blender or another wall-mounted device nearby. In these cases, you are dealing with a circuit overload.

Unfortunately, changing the light-bulb will not get rid of that flickering light quickly when it comes to circuit overloads. The best solution is to get your electrical circuits inspected if you notice that the flickering lasts longer than a few seconds frequently. Not upgrading your circuits can lead to potential damage to your home’s wiring and appliances.

Wiring Woes

Let’s say you have a closet light that started flickering one day; it seemed to stop, then over the weeks, the flickering came back but got worse. All of a sudden, your light won’t stop flickering; what gives?

Well, you might be dealing with an issue with your home’s wires not being adequately installed or possibly damaged. Damaged wiring can be tricky to spot for some homeowners because they may think it’s an issue with their bulb. Quickly contact our electricians if your light flickering has not been fixed after a bulb change and only gets worse. Faulty wiring is no joke and can lead to electrical fires if you’re not careful!

Sometimes It’s A Simple Fix

Despite the potential of underlying electrical system malfunctions, flickering light can just be caused by, drum roll please, a bad light bulb! If your first instinct with a flickering light is to replace the bulb, you are on the right track because often, a loose light bulb or improperly installed bulb can cause annoying flickering that can easily be avoided.

Remember to install the correct light bulb for your light fixture because placing the wrong bulb can cause flickering. Not only can improperly installed bulbs cause flickering, but you might be dealing with broken bulbs, and replacing them can be annoying.

Unsure whether or not that light flickering is cause for concern? At All Electric Services we are here to help find out if your home’s wiring needs a tune-up. So when you call our electricians at (407) 890-7782 we will make sure your home is free of any potential electrical hazards and get rid of that annoying flickering.

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