Smart Lights: Worth The Hype Or Just A Gimmick?

Photo of a person using smart phone to control light bulb

Smart lights are becoming increasingly common around households with many apps and devices that bring the modern home closer to the future. While it may be neat to control your home’s lighting from your phone, what more can you get out of smart lights? If you are on the fence about purchasing smart lights for your home, let us help you out by pointing out some benefits these cool bulbs bring.

No More Getting Up From Your Chair

The most significant benefit of smart lights installed across your home has to be the ease of accessibility when it comes to managing your property’s lighting. If you forgot to turn off a light in the master bedroom, you could easily pull out your phone from anywhere in your home to nip that issue in the bud.

Not only does this accessibility make it easier to relax, but for the elderly and those with conditions that may make it difficult to walk around, controlling a home’s lighting from a cell phone is incredibly helpful.

Energy Efficiency

We love smart lights for the sole purpose of energy-efficient bulbs that can help homeowners save on their electric bills. With traditional bulbs and other LEDs, you may be consuming more energy than you need to, which translates to spending more on your electric bills.

One great feature with some smart bulbs is motion sensors that can help eliminate the problem of leaving a light on for too long. Cut out the extra spending and save a little more each month by switching to smart bulbs today.

Peace Of Mind

Some smart bulbs and fixtures come with motion sensors that can easily be used for security purposes around your property. With the right smart bulb and device, you can also link your lighting to other security devices, so if somebody is sneaking around that garage at night, you will be alerted. It’s an excellent tool for homeowners with stubborn teens that make a habit of sneaking out late at night.

Cost Of Upgrading

Depending on the smart bulb you purchase, you may notice that these smart lights are a little pricier than traditional bulbs, but of course, it comes with numerous features to boot. We recommend purchasing at least the most basic of smart bulbs so you can control your lights from other smart devices, and if you can afford extra features, go right on ahead.

At All Electric Services we can help install smart lights in your home easily and see if your home’s electrical system may need any repairs beforehand so that those new bulbs don’t break. Call our team today at (407) 890-7782, and we’ll make sure your home’s lighting is nothing short of perfection.