Ceiling Fans - Are They For Winter?

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Do Ceiling Fans Really Help in Winter?

When it comes to ways you can cool down your house during warmer months, ceilings fans definitely come to mind. What most people don’t know is that ceiling fans can also help your home feel warmer in colder months. In our blog, we’ll show you how to put your ceiling fans to work in winter so that you can feel more comfortable and spend less on costs to heat your home.

Ceiling Fans During Summer

Ceiling fans are able to assist with adjusting how cold or warm a room feels because of warmer air’s natural tendency to rise. During warmer times of the year, hot air rises toward a room’s ceiling while the cooler air stays down by the floor. To make the room feel cooler, the hot air and cool air need to circulate.

The ceiling fan functions to promote this air circulation and balance how a room cools. When the ceiling fan rotates counterclockwise, its blades push air downward. This, in turn, forces the cool air below to travel outward and disturb the air around the room’s edges, making the whole room feel a few degrees cooler. When you use a ceiling fan in tandem with your air conditioner, you can usually afford to set your thermostat higher than you otherwise would and still feel comfortable. This, in turn, allows you to save money on cooling costs.

Ceiling Fans During Winter

As winter approaches, you might find yourself reaching for the thermostat more and more, while energy costs start to go up and up. The good news is that your ceiling fan can assist your heating system in keeping your home cozy.

The trick is to run your ceiling fan in a clockwise direction. You’ll have to locate the button on the remote control or the switch on the motor housing that changes the direction that the blades turn. This might be called “reverse mode.” (Check the owner’s manual if necessary.)

As the fan spins clockwise, it will pull the cool air from the floor upward. That will then push the warm air that is already up by the ceiling downward, as well as around the room’s edges. This will even out the temperature in the room and increase your comfort in it, allowing you to set your thermostat a few degrees lower.

Energy Saving Tip!

When it comes to energy consumption, running a ceiling fan is a substantially cheaper option than running your air conditioner or heater. However, a ceiling fan is meant to regulate the temperate only in the room in which it is located. Regardless of the season, make sure you are only running your ceiling fan when someone is present in the room. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting the electricity while gaining none of the benefits.

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